Title: West Coast
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 8452 times


West Coast - Lana Del Rey 

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Title: National Anthem
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 134 times

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Title: What Goes Around
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Played: 1607 times

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Title: Mirrors
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Played: 26477 times


Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

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Title: Maybe You re Right
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Played: 2005 times


#Bangerz Will be the Album of the year. @LuisDjVIP


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Title: Someone Else
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Played: 65803 times

Miley Cyrus - Someone Else

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Title: Rooting For My Baby
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Played: 230421 times

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@selenagomez Lily + Selena = friends forever #proudfran #myidol

@lilyjcollins Love you @selenagomez. So proud and inspired. Can’t wait for what’s to come. By your side. #proudfanrightback …

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"I am in the position where I don’t have to work for the sake of working, so I’m very lucky, in a sense. So, I can always sit back and wait for a project that I respond to, that I want to do."

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